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Thank you for accessing and exploring our digital Higher School Certificate English (HSC) resources for the 2015-2020 English courses.

My name is Pamela Cohen. I am a passionate teacher of English. I have taught senior English in both the NSW and ACT sectors.

Over a period of time I have developed and refined a series of resources that has seen my students become increasingly engaged with developing the all important skills of critical reading and interpretation of texts. My work has been published in the English Teachers Association journal metAphor. I am a current member of that organisation.

These resources reflect my determination to deliver all students with quality learning experiences. By providing a user-friendly, accessible online resource, students are able to develop or enhance their conceptual knowledge. These resources focus on the vocabulary of analysis and provide a step-by-step deconstruction process allowing students to develop and enhance the effectiveness of their written responses.

FOR TEACHERS: Our resources are comprehensive. Programs for teaching the Area of Study and each Module across the Standard, Advanced, ESL, Extension 1 are provided in the resource packages. All resources come with extensive teacher notes to explain how the resources can be used in the classroom. You can download instantly from our site and begin working with your resources immediately.

FOR STUDENTS: The resources provide you with a process for the study of each text, worksheets with how-to-use notes, sample deconstructions of texts. The resources provided for students are not ANSWER booklets. The purpose of our resources is to support you with ideas and prompts. The summaries will assist you to understand the text; the questions are designed to encourage you to engage closely with your text. We do not have overriding copyright on the texts on the list so references are in accordance with individual copyright licenses that have had to be negotiated and paid for with each publisher. As a result we cannot provide an example for every technique in the texts and you will have to engage with the texts. Please read our descriptions carefully as our refund policy is that once you have purchased, and the resource has been downloaded, we do not provide refunds. Please email and ask questions if you are unsure of what we are offering. All breaches of copyright are reported so please, in this world of instant IT engagement, protect yourself by not breaching copyright and sharing our resources.

Questions and clarification are welcome. Email us at if you would like to ask a question or use the comments section of our blog.

New resources are being added each day. We are beginning with the new 'Area of Study: Discovery' material and will eventually cover each text on the new prescriptions list. Discounts will apply for teachers or schools wanting to buy packages that cover the AOS and all three Modules or a full school package for all courses taught. Texts not yet on the website can be commissioned. All resources are instant download. Please contact us if there are issues with downloading your resources and we will email them to you as a matter of priority.

Related text resources will gradually be added to the website with links to relevant texts and the Area of Study and Module descriptions.

I hope these resources provide you with an innovative and thorough approach to these new and exciting texts in the 2015-2020 prescriptions.