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Our 'How To...' Study guides cover the range of text types set for study for the Higher School Certificate English Course.

The guides come with detailed glossary tables and worksheets that include the structural, grammatical and figurative techniques relevant to the text type.

A sample text is provided in each guide deconstructed for techniques and includes a summary analysis. These texts are all relevant to the Area of Study and modules in the new prescriptions; to that end, the text can be used as a related text study option.

'How To...' guides will also be available for a range of processes used to analyse texts.

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The Cohen Curricula English Resource: How to Study Values for the NSW Higher School Certificate English Courses
List Price: $4.95
Our Price: $4.95
This resource provides resources to teach or learn about values. All texts contain values. A close reading of the language surrounding characters reveals the values of the composer and of the characters. A list of values is provided with a worksheet for students to locate values in their texts and analyse how they are constructed and shape meaning.This resource is included in the Discovery Teacher Resource. Instant download.

Please read the description carefully as this product is instant download and as such no refunds are available once the sale has processed.
List Price: $7.95
Our Price: $7.95

The Cohen Curricula English Resources: How to Study Context
List Price: $9.95
Our Price: $9.95

    The Cohen Curricula HSC Student Primer for the Study of Engish
    List Price: $9.95
    Our Price: $9.95
    The Cohen Curricula HSC Student Primer for the Study of English provides you with insights into how you can prepare for success in your studies. The material provided in this resource includes a description of parameters surrounding your study of the Area of Study and of your modules. The information presents insights into ways both Standard and Advanced students can work towards success. A detailed discussion of how and which courses to use related texts in with accompanying checklists ensured students can develop their focus. The resource provides a chapter on how to establish a study pattern and process that will assist you to complete notes and refine your ideas throughout the year. We have added a brief chapter on how to deal with procrastination and lack of motivation. The strategies are simple but they do work. We have provided a basic set of sentence starters to assist weaker students with developing their writing. These are a starting point for you developing more sophisticated sentence structures that will enrich your writing. We have incorporated a detailed checklist that can be applied to your study of texts whether they are the core or related material for the Area of Study of the three modules. Using this checklist will ensure you have engaged deeply with the ideas located in your texts. The inclusion of our themes worksheets and context notes will assist you to develop the deeper insights your texts offer and as a result add depth to your writing. We have suggested links to our blog throughout where you can access free worksheets to accompany those provided in this primer. The resource will affirm, reassure and provide you with clarification of questions I was asked continually as a teacher and now as an online and face to face tutor. I hope this primer assists you with your preparation and study for English.
    How to Deconstruct a Poetry Text for the NSW Higher School Certificate English Courses
    Our Price: $19.95
    Deconstructing Poetry
    • Glossary of text type associated vocabulary
    • Glossary tables
    • Genre list of HSC prescription texts relevant to the guide
    • Structural elements of the text type list
    • Structural elements worksheet
    • Figurative elements worksheet with examples of technique, purpose and effect
    • Figurative elements blank worksheet for your own analysis
    • Language and Structural Features workshop
    • Figurative language features worksheet with extensive technique list
    • Context workshop with detailed explanation of contexts and what to look for in your text/s
    • Context worksheets for social, cultural, political, historical, gender, religious and intellectual contexts
    • TEPA workshop - text type specific
    • TEPA blank worksheets ( annotated with suggestions)
    • LIMP workshop - text type specific
    • LIMP worksheet blank
    • Values workshop - text type specific
    • Values worksheet blank
    • Comparative study worksheet
    • Purpose worksheet with detailed list of purpose words
    • Printable language feature and purpose bookmark - text type specific
    • Paragraph Structure Scaffold - text type specific
    • Sample text
    • Detailed grammatical deconstruction of sample text with summary
    • Figurative devices table with detailed summary
    • Annotations of how the sample text links to the AOS and or Modules
    • Suggested sentence starters - text type specific

    Please read the description carefully as this product is instant download and as such no refunds are available once the sale has processed.