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Quality related texts are hard to find and can be challenging to deconstruct at home without the support of your teacher.

Our related text packages provide you with that support. We provide:

  • a copy of the text
  • a range of worksheets that will assist you to deconstruct the text
  • a list of the key grammatical, figurative and structural techniques in both table and summary form
  • key themes, issues and ideas integrated into the summary
  • conceptual ideas summary relating to the relevant module/s
  • context statements within summaries
  • sentence starters suitable for developing analytical paragraphs
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The Cohen Curricula HSC Student Primer for the Study of Engish
The Cohen Curricula HSC Student Primer for the Study of Engish
List Price: $9.95
Our Price: $9.95

The Cohen Curricula HSC Student Primer for the Study of English provides you with insights into how you can prepare for success in your studies. The material provided in this resource includes a description of parameters surrounding your study of the Area of Study and of your modules. The information presents insights into ways both Standard and Advanced students can work towards success. A detailed discussion of how and which courses to use related texts in with accompanying checklists ensured students can develop their focus. The resource provides a chapter on how to establish a study pattern and process that will assist you to complete notes and refine your ideas throughout the year. We have added a brief chapter on how to deal with procrastination and lack of motivation. The strategies are simple but they do work. We have provided a basic set of sentence starters to assist weaker students with developing their writing. These are a starting point for you developing more sophisticated sentence structures that will enrich your writing. We have incorporated a detailed checklist that can be applied to your study of texts whether they are the core or related material for the Area of Study of the three modules. Using this checklist will ensure you have engaged deeply with the ideas located in your texts. The inclusion of our themes worksheets and context notes will assist you to develop the deeper insights your texts offer and as a result add depth to your writing. We have suggested links to our blog throughout where you can access free worksheets to accompany those provided in this primer. The resource will affirm, reassure and provide you with clarification of questions I was asked continually as a teacher and now as an online and face to face tutor. I hope this primer assists you with your preparation and study for English.
Related Text Study Guide and Summary: Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley
Related Text Study Guide and Summary: Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley
List Price: $19.95
Our Price: $19.95

This Related Text Study Guide presents Percy Bysshe Shelley's Ozymandias (c1818) as a related text example for a range of NSW Higher School Certificate English Courses. A detailed discussion of the forms, features and structures of the poem are provided in both table and summary form. The guide provides worksheets - Related text Deconstruction, TEPA, and Comparative - for students to develop a personal response to the text.

Please read the description carefully as this product is instant download and as such no refunds are available once the sale has processed.
Value and accessibility of this text as a related text across a range of Modules.

Area of Study: Discovery

Shelley’s Ozymandias is a related text that can be used across a range of HSC English courses. The new Area of Study is Discovery. The journey of the statue from Egypt to England, and the impact and popularity of the proposed artifacts exhibition during Shelley’s lifetime is well represented in the subject of the poem. Innate to the poem, however, is the discovery we all need to make of a spiritual nature, that power and might are not necessarily sustainable and as such we need to become increasingly aware of the long term impact of our actions on others and history. The debates about the discovery of the statue and who should own the artifact can be discussed here.

Standard English Module A: Experience Through Language: Elective 1: Distinctive Voices

This poem cleverly presents four voices – the poet, the 'traveler', the ‘sculptor’ and ‘Ozymandias’ himself. A close discussion of how each of these voices are constructed: the implications, tone, power, context and values, would be a clever discussion to compare similarly with texts on the HSC list. Ozymandias' voice dominates, however, his voice is a construction of the sculptor which is retold by the traveler and then passed on to us by the poet. The text allows us to examine how voice is constructed and manipulated and is often used to perpetuate stereotypes relating to power.

Standard English Module A: Experience Through Language: Elective 2: Distinctly Visual

Shelley’s poem uses evocative adjectives that construct both literal and symbolic imagery of the statue which lies at the subject of his poem. The cleverness of the language is the ability for the reader to ‘see’ the historical greatness and the paradoxical weakness in its presence. The language is highly descriptive and allows us to not only imagine seeing a representation of history but also to gain insight into how the construction of the visual language provokes us to ‘see’ ourselves in a new context.

Advanced Module C: Representation and Text: Elective 1: Representing People and Politics

Shelley’s poem presents a strong thesis on the ways in which power is portrayed and perpetuated in human society. The text reveals how power is a construct, a representation that is contrived and formed by the hands of the sculptor; the statue's relevance is reshaped by Shelley to reflect not only the views of ‘Ozymandias’ and how he wanted his visage represented, but also suggests a representation of how others interacted with, or responded to, his power. The layering of Shelley’s voices suggests that a continuous reshaping of representations of power can be constructed through the ambiguities, the synecdoche and the metaphorical juxtapositions he creates in this sonnet. Further layers of meaning can be deduced through a detailed study of context, allowing the political views not only of the statue’s origins, but those of Shelley and his world. The universal values represented through the language allow a deep and insightful study of the ways in which power sought through hubris is bound to fail.

Extension 1: Module B: Texts and Ways of Thinking: Elective 2: Romanticism

Percy Bysshe Shelley was one of the most recognised poets of the Romantic era. Ozymandias represents a significant commentary on the political reactions Shelley and his contemporaries had towards authority and power. The poem engages with continuity of the human experience and the impermanence of humanity. The fragility and vulnerability evident in this imaginative representation of an historical artefact allows insight not only into the concerns of a generation but the highly literate, poetic collaborative voice of the social milieu of the Romantics.